The Infinite Ramblings of April Compo

The Infinite Ramblings of April Compo

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

All 2 Common

Sometimes I'll look on Craigslist at the strictly platonic personal section to read what women are writing in their attempt to make friends. There are so many women about my age realizing they have no friends and I enjoy meeting new people, so maybe if someone writes something good enough, I'll respond. I tried meeting one lady, but then I got sick when we were supposed to go out to dinner and had to cancel. Then it seems that another lady she also met via Craigslist became the friend she was looking for anyways. I was invited to an expensive Mother's Day brunch they were going to and I had to decline for lack of money (and lack of ever celebrating Mother's Day, so I could care less - which would probably be the most sad and shocking thing these women have ever heard).

I posted on Craigslist to advertise my pet portraits and someone that lives in my neighborhood sent me a text. They liked my art and wanted to know if I'd teach their kid how to use colored pencils. We were going to meet at the park, but then they cancelled and when I tried to reschedule recently they never responded.

I'm starting to see what's wrong with a seemingly vast majority of people. We aren't really into people. It's sad when we don't get to know our neighbors and so many don't have friends. I'm getting infected too. I don't tend to hang out with people that are different than me. Is it because there's no benefit to it? No - it's because I'm a butthole and I just want people around me that will understand everything I say and laugh at my jokes. Should I just accept that? Probably. But I prefer the turmoil that comes with trying. The butthole that wouldn't quit. I'm an "in-your-face" kind of butthole! A great tagline for someone that wants to be your friend. Spell check keeps hating on the butt+hole compound word. Spell check is a butthole.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Some days, man. I woke up not wanting to exist. That's not true though, I'd love to exist right now in Hawaii. I would also enjoy existing as someone else for today. Perhaps someone that resides in Hawaii. There's something about routine or employment or office work or computers or modern life that just doesn't sit well with me. Day after day after day after day until I'm numb to it. Then once I get a bit of a break I finally regain my senses and realize it's all wrong. I'd rather work with animals. Wild animals. It would take a long time to grow numb to the sight of wild animals. I'm the wildest of the wild animals, however.

I cut my fingernails into pointy points a couple days ago. I feel like a kitten.

My focus: make a music video. Hopefully finish it up by the end of the weekend.

The family is going to see Zootopia at the dollar theater this evening. We should have more family nights. Every Tuesday methinks.

I'm so glad kids grow up. They're so new and little and it would be devastating if they stayed that way. It's nice to watch them figure things out and climb on the counter to get their own cup or pour their own bowl of cereal. They would really hate being babies or kids forever. Naomi already thinks she deserves the respect of an adult. She stepped right on my freakin' bongo drum and I was like, "whoa! don't do that!" and she couldn't believe I would talk to her like that. Haha. Those big, watery eyes. Roland keeps saying he's six years old. Although yesterday he did say, "I'm not six, I'm seven." (he's three)

I'm wearing some worn out clothes today. There's a safety pin on my pants to keep my zipper up and a safety pin on my shirt to close a seam that came undone. At least I'm good at hiding it. Not as skilled as a seamstress. Is there a safety-pin-only type of seamstress? That's what I'll be.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

FamLee Fughn

What a great visit from family, anniversary, girls day out and concert I just had in the span of a week! It was also surprisingly relaxing.