The Infinite Ramblings of April Compo

The Infinite Ramblings of April Compo

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


It's snowy up in here. Hoping to leave work early today, driving on icy roads is only made worse when it's dark out.

Wait... I'm actually in Hawaii right now. In a hammock. With the best margarita I've ever tasted. The kids are playing in the sand and the breeze is too right. A man with a surf board is walking up to me. Hold on...

He let me know that he appreciates my smile and gave me $40,000 and a puppy! It's a perfect little Clumber Spaniel that knows how to surf and his name is Yung Salty. We all walk back to our bungalow and make tie dye shirts and eat fresh papaya on the back patio, where a friendly yellow garden spider is wrapping up a snack as well. A neighbor comes over and asks if we can help her move a piece of furniture. I love seeing inside a new friend's dwelling, and hers is so beautifully decorated. Years of narrowing down just the right embellishments. What an artist. She invites us over for dinner on Sunday, several of her family members are coming and there will be so much food, kids and fun. We all like the sound of it. There are no assumptions about our individual levels of wickedness, it's a simple life.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

The H8ing Game

Went over to a friend's place yesterday for a jam session last night. We were gifted a li'l beginner guitar recently and my daughter has been learning chords and dear Brittney offered to teach her (yay, friends!) routine is establishing itself in our lives - mostly routine awesomeness. The friends that challenge me to not be stagnant are definitely chipping away at the depression.

I have a problem with being a thing. Like, "comic" or "musician". It comes with preconceived expectations and rules. "Are they funny?" "Can they sing/play?" When the microphone is in my hand I am in therapy, not everyone signed up for this crap. I suppose I'd still call myself an entertainer, as that comes naturally AF.

Thursday, October 3, 2019


The gig from August got me a paying gig for this weekend. That's neat-o! I'm hosting an all-female comedy show on October 5th in Pueblo.

There have been some great moments recently with friends and some gut-wrenching moments with my improving connection to my intuition. My upbringing was not well-suited for me, it had me refusing to trust myself for some important decisions. The thing is: I'm not an idiot. However, I was taught to believe all humans are basically idiots with bad intentions. Smart enough to ruin it for everyone else and that's it. It is a lot to come to terms with and not just be totally depressed. I'm an anti-cynic disguised as a cynic :)

I'm married to someone with the same upbringing. Plus trauma?! What a mess. Oh lord, have mercy.

Sometimes I think about a time when my children are adults and perhaps it turns out they're struggling to deal with emotions or have a mental illness of their own they must cope with. It is unimaginable that shunning them would be an option at all. Refusing to admit to my own possible oversight in raising them, when they're right there suffering. Sometimes I feel like all some parents would have to do is acknowledge that they should have done things a little differently. Should have encouraged pursuing college at an earlier age (earlier than my senior year of high school, when they offered to buy me a car if I got a scholarship yet didn't offer to help pay for college or any further education). Should have let me have relationships prior to moving (incredibly far) out at 21. Should have refrained from pressuring me to literally marry the first guy that boinked me. Eh, I guess they're perfect (even though that is TOTALLY against their religion to believe). Haha. It's funny and I'm smart and I will never shun my children and I am definitely not about to give up everything I've earned in this life to be "good" according to some wacky band of old dudes. Some wackier than others. Hahaha, y'all JWs know which one I'm talking about:D

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

In Formation

Hiyeeeee. I'm hosting a comedy show tomorrow in Pueblo, Colorado. I don't have any "material" per se, but I'm an improvisor anyways. Brittney Geisler booked this gig and while we're not getting money, we're gaining some pretty sweet experience for a couple of dorks with a year under our belt of regularly performing. Later this month I'm also recording some vocals with the delicious Ferret and his funky, fresh vibes. This past week saw some interesting collaborations at the open mic. I'm feeling the need to focus on some solo stuff in the nearest future possible.

The kids will be in school next week, it's going to be great for them. Naomi and I have been enjoying our Minecraft time, however. I punched a horse to death in front of her two foals. It was nothing like real life. Naomi and I need to work on a cartoon, she has already animated some little, fun things - a duck farting, "LOL" "memes" etc etc. What a li'l genius. Roland spiked his hair this morning before I left for work and I complimented him and he thanked me. It was just adorable. He came into my room before I got out of bed and just looked at me with his sweet face.

I spent the night at my cousins' (Matthew and Alex) place over the weekend. They live less than a mile from VooDoo Doughnuts in Denver and we walked there and got doughnuts, including but not limited to the bacon maple bar (my favorite). They are in an amazing location. Dangerous (because of the proximity to doughnuts).


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

'til Death

Marriage is so metal. When the only person I can control is me, the only reason I would go insane is if I didn't learn to let go of the unimportant. It doesn't mean I have to stop loving anyone any less. Loving myself is important if I'm to remain capable of taking care of what I must. Especially the children. It's unimaginable that I would refuse to do whatever I had to to make sure my kids were able to grow, learn and empower themselves. Even more reason to do what I must to commit to sanity and health. I'm not doing bad.

Sunday, June 16, 2019


Whoa. Metal. I went to a show recently that was truly unforgettable. Daikaiju and Giardia were just wonderful.

(not a picture I took)

There was even a mosh pit I got involved in. I'd like to thank Sean Ostrow for the kind invitation and astute encouragement from right around the very second we met. I also took the opportunity to cry on Robert Romesburg's bosom, and would like to thank him for having a wise and comforting presence. This blog doesn't really get advertised, so maybe they'll never see these gracious words. The words are out there though. 

Yesterday I took the fam down to the Pueblo reservoir for the first time - actually pretty great. Especially as I get to missing my sun and surf in these warm, light-filled months. I've been reading a book call "When Things Fall Apart" and it sounds like maybe I'm reading it because things are falling apart, however, things are in a constant state of falling apart and it's great for learning to let go of that which is out of our control. I know I love my family and friends and self. It wouldn't make sense to cling to a way that prevented my growth and the broadening of my love just to avoid perceived pain. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Skits 'n' Shits 'n' Giggles

That last blog post sure worked me up. I had a great time with my comedian friend and we are now a comedy duo and quite a force to reckon with. If you need to lighten up (trust me, you DO) then Skits 'n' Shits 'n' Giggles are the pair of bitches you should go see LIVE at the open mic on Monday nights at Zodiac Bar & Venue in B-YOOtiful Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A., North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe (believe it or not). I sure seem super serious about this endeavor.

Here's the thing: I just love this performing thing a LOT. The chemistry in this duo is a very efficient and powerful fuel. We planned a little presentation, prepped a little segue, improvised (like I like) and sprinkled a bit of magic on each other's fannies. Look, details aren't my thing - it's just pure and special within the very moment it occurs. We have enough in common and enough different to bounce our thoughts and words off one another like a hot, sexy potato. YES, she has guitar skills. YES, I have sweet moves. YES, we ooze brilliant, healing energy like a bright, golden light.

Benny was there, Jelly Bones, Kai, Saustro, faces I just adore. Oh, Monday: best day of the week. Guy with a Russian accent claiming he was from Boise, Idaho. Matt Gabriel and his critical manner that makes him hilarious. Strange Josh fellow with incredible, chaotic talent. Kevin Pounds with his soul and cheek bones. I judge people. The verdict? They're GREAT!

After performing we hung out outside with a clean-cut, lanky cowboy and made up songs about having no teeth. All the while his teeth were on full display. WHAT TEETH! He had a look like Gomer Pyle.