The Infinite Ramblings of April Compo

The Infinite Ramblings of April Compo

Monday, February 29, 2016

Safety Fifth (Or Sixth)

You know what's not worth the time/effort AT ALL? -Homemade onion rings. They're delicious, but hot dang it's just food. Not even good-for-you type food. I added some fresh Chile powder to the batter which was a good move. Love spices. Spicy. Speaking of spice, it's time for another episode of Giggle Turdman!


Giggle Turdman returns with a dramatic performance! This four second emotional roller coaster will leave you questioning your very existence:

Stay tuned for our next harrowing episode in which Giggle finds himself in quite a predicament. Will he be able to overcome his weirdness and accept the daunting challenge of normalcy? Probably not!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Giggle Turdman

A hundred years ago when I was 19 or 20 I had the great fortune of having a camcorder. If only there was a loving, older sibling around to record my dumb moments on video. But alas, I was that older, loving sibling. Joyfully I recorded the history of our boredom and silliness. Here is a clip of my brother Jarred, now 18 years old, but at the time he was about 8... I think.
This video also briefly features my sister, now 23 (and currently pregnant with her own little hilarious person!) she must've been 13ish in this clip, but really, Jarred is the star:

The only way to time travel. #homemovies

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Biff & Chizz

Chronic stress makes the brain shrink. That's probably the most frightening thing to me. It can make it hard to learn and remember. That's so awful. I guess I'd better take a vacation. Oh wait, I have no money. Now I'm dumb and have to continue working, but I'm just getting worse at my job and stressing about my poor performance and getting dumber and dumber until I get fired. Now I'm an unemployed, desperate sap with dementia. Now I'm dead. The End.


It's funny how stressed we can get from money. It's not even food or shelter or love. You know what might be equivalent to love? Free Chipotle. That's right, I got a coupon for free Chipotle and I just now ate it for lunch. I'm sometimes good at being an adult. I found a way to get cheap internet, don't have debt, no car payment, low rent, simple life. One way to find appreciation for a low income lifestyle is to look at the comment section on articles about trying to get your spouse to stop spending tons of money. I didn't realize how good I had it until a commenter mentioned their spouse buying a car whenever they felt like it. Having to refinance their mortgage all the time. Being in so much debt that they will die in debt. I hover right around zero and I'm richer than most people I know.

I even bought a couple glasses that help give women clean drinking water. Because I'm so much richer than so many people. Plus, I'm gettin' some fancy chalices! I also ordered a wall mount paper towel holder. Because sometimes I spill my clean, readily available water all over and have to soak it up with paper products just to throw it away and buy more for my sweet wall mount paper towel holder. Duh.